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good morning, america. this morning, prime time showdown. the president and the speaker of the house take the debt standoff to our living rooms. >> we can't allow the american people to become collateral damage to washington's political warfare. >> and the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago, and he wants a blank check today. >> just one week from a deadline that could cripple our economy are american families already paying the price. >> the maid and the money man. all the reaction to our exclusive interview with the very public woman at the center of the sexual assault case. new details. massive menu makeover. they overhaul their happy meals. is it making your kids er.
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healthier? we'll ask mcdonald's ceo why they're doing this now. the 6-year-old attacked by a shark. little lucy will join us and tell us her brave story of survival. good morning, everyone. i wish you could have heard george's reaction when he saw lo lucy. we'll talk to one of the teens attacked in the aalaskan wilderness. >> what a story that is. eight feet tall, almost a thousand pounds but did live to tell about it. right to that showdown over the debt ceiling. one week away, the stakes so high because if n deal is reached america stands to lose
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our aaa credit rating. some analysts have concluded some kind ofdowngrade is inevitable and could hit families with mortgage payments and lower 401(k)s, other big costs. jake tapper and jon karl have been tracking it. >> reporter: last night after their prime time addresses to house speaker john boehner was overheard saying he didn't sign up to go mano a mano with the president after the president called for congress to compromise. the president spoke sternly to the american people last night blaming house republicans, especially freshmen, for holding up a debt deal. >> the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now is because a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner responded that the president wants to continue his rampant spending. >> the president often said we need a balanced approach, which in washington means, we spend
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more and you pay more. >> reporter: right now there are two competing bills, to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit. a house one that likely cannot pass the senate and a senate one that cannot likely pass the house. both cut more than $1 trillion in spending and do not raise taxes but the senate one raises it through 2013 while the house one own raising the debt ceiling until next spring meaning we'd go through this debate all over again. the president made it clear he wants to bring the fiasco to its conclusion now in a bipartisan way. >> the american people may have voted for divided government but they didn't vote for a dysfunctional government. >> reporter: if economies say it will not be resolved, a mortgage would shoot up. you'll have to pay more. the tock market could dive. perhaps by as much as 9% to roughly $800 billion. some of it from your retirement savings. with an estimated loss of almost
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$10,000 from the average 401(k). >> so there's some of the costs. let's bring in jon. the speaker said no blank check for the president, but it's not clear that he has the votes to get his plan through the house. what's the latest on that and what's the fallback plan if he doesn't? >> reporter: they don't know if they have the votes yet. this is a tough vote for boehner because a lot of tea party conservatives think they've already sacrificed too much. republican leaders are confident they have the votes and say the president's speech helps them because they can go to conservatives and say, you see the president doesn't like it, it must be a good thing. as for plan b, i don't get the sense they have one right now >> that's the same sense i get from the white house. the president calling for compromise but what he's really hoping is republicans cave on this short-term debt ceiling and get him through the election. >> reporter: white house officials are hoping the senate
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republican leader, mitch mcconnell, will be able to convince house speaker john boehner to pass something in the house that can pass the senate, something that can bring the debt ceiling vote through 2013. >> but this is likely to go right down to the wire next week working all through the weekend. i know both of you will be on top of it. robin, they said some the rating agency agencies say the downgrade will come anyway. >> going down to the wire. i think the general public is like, you can't get something done before that. >> that's right. >> all right, george, thanks. now to more of our exclusive interview to the woman who accused one of the most power men with sexual assault. will her extraordinary move to go public, will it help or hurt her case? >> i want to let people know the truth. it's so hard for me. i don't -- i never want to be in
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public. >> reporter: today nafissatou diallo, a 32-year-old hotel maid and immigrant from guinea, west africa is very public. she said dominique strauss-kahn, one of the most powerful men in the worm, former head of the international monetary fund sexually assaulted her. did you ever agree to have sex with this man? >> no. never ever. i never see him before. i see him as a naked man. i see him attacking me like that. >> reporter: investigators initially believed her. strauss-kahn was arrested. >> under american law these were extremely serious charges. based on the grand jury's determination that the evidence supports the commission of nonconsensual, forced sexual acts. >> reporter: but this morning there are continuing questions about diallo's account that strays from her initial account.
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according to "the new york times" she told her rape counselor that he was violent during the attack but in her description now she says he was much more vocal. >> i was like, stop, stop, don't do this. when i say i don't want to lose my job, he says, no, you're not going to lose your job. you're not going to lose your job and he said -- >> reporter: she addressed other inconsistencyies and said she ws in the hall when he left but others say she went back to his suite. she said she cannot read or write and said it was a misunderstanding. >> i opened it for a second and everything was clean. i told them that. >> you think it was just a misunderstanding. >> i think it's a misunderstand. >> reporter: she also admitted to lying on her tax records and about a rape in new guinea.
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>> doesn't this man didn't try to rape me. this is not the same thing. >> reporter: with a hearing scheduled for next week, the big question, will prosecutors press forward with the case? >> both as a former prosecutor and judge, you deal with so many witnesses who have terrible backgrounds and have lied, it doesn't mean they're not telling the truth about the incident they're testifying about. the problem, of course, is convincing a jury. >> so let's bring in dan abrams. you said yesterday you don't believe this will change the d.a.'s thinking about whether or not to move forward. >> i think it will put pressure on the d.a., public pressure. remember, when the district attorney brings a case, it's the people of the state of new york versus the defendant so what the people of the state of new york think matters. but my concern is that the prosecutors wrote a note to the defense team that basically said not only did she lie on her tax forms, not only did she lie on
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her asylum application but about a previous rape and the grand jury and to us and i think with that attitude going in, it's very hard to imagine how the prosecutors move forward. >> even saying that, if they don't pursue the criminal case, it doesn't always necessarily mean they don't believe she's telling the truth about the account but believes they don't think they can win. >> absolutely. there could be certain prosecutors who say i believe her, i believe something happened here. i simply don't believe we'll be able to prove this in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt, the very high standard in a criminal case. >> if the person still wants their day in court it seems like some look at i and say the d.a. is more concern btd their one-loss record instead of having the case heard. the criminal justice system t doesn't work on a moral compass but a legal compass and it's not just a question of what is right and wrong but what you can prove
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in court. that's why we have the civil courts. it's not just about money. that's the way two individuals resolve disputes in our system and become two individuals battling in court over what happened. >> strauss-kahn could testify in a civil suit and not in a criminal case. >> right, criminal case right away he doesn't have to testify against self-incrimination. depending on where the criminal allegations stand in a civil case, remember the o.j. simpson case, for example, he had to testify. why? because the specterer of a criminal case didn't exist anymore. >> dan, i know you're staying on top of this. >> you are too, a special edition of "nightline." >> the maid goes into a full account of what happened in the hotel room and addresses the inconsistencies in some of the things she said. >> now we have a story that everyone should know about. you would think a tax holiday on airline ticks that's in effect would mean lower ticket prices.
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think again. ryan owens is at the dallas/ft. worth airport with details and when fliers find out about what is going on, they get steamed. >> reporter: hold on to your hat. we know up you love baggage fees and change fees and how about the fees to talk to an actual human being? get ready. they're about to force more salt into that wound. the airlines just got a huge tax break. since washington can't get its act together the faa is partially shut down, no one to collect the long list of taxes hidden in your tickets. so, of course, those airline executives are giving you a tax break too, right? actually, they raise ticket prices and pocketed the difference. >> instead of going into consumers or the government's pocket the whole amount is going into the airline's pocket. >> rick seany runs
7:12 am >> airlines rank below customer satisfaction so the guy that has your taxes is not going to to give them to you anyway. >> reporter: perhaps the airlines was hoping you wouldn't notice. how much was your ticket. >> about 33 of that, you're due a refund today. >> reporter: we hit the airport to make sure they did. >> it's not right. >> if they cannot collect the tax those shouldn't be on there. >> reporter: the airlines stand to make a mintz on this, $200 million a week at the peak of the summer travel season. take a family of four flying this morning from st. louis to l.a. for their big beach vacation. they paid $1,200 for the tickets and should get nearly 200 of it back. that can buy a lot of sunscreen. okay, so if you're like that family and you're flying between last saturday and until this whole thing in d.c. is resolved
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you are due a refund. make sure you hang on to your receipts and all other materials, e-mail your airline. right now we're molt sure if the airlines will pony up the money or the irs will have to. one of the many things still being sorted out in d.c. >> i am taking notes because we're take the many fayly to a family reunion this weekend. >> that's why you were paying close attention. >> exactly. >> that's a lot of money. that can a lot of money. let's get to the us and begin in norway where authorities say they may now charge anders breivik with crimes against humanity which would carry a maximum 30-year sentence. this morning he said breivik appears to be insane. he confessed to friday's oslo bombing that left 76 people dead. abc's miguel marquez bring us one survivor's life and death account of what happened. >> reporter: kristoffer nyborg didn't think anyone would survive anders behring breivik's
7:14 am
rampage. >> i was sure this is the end of my life. >> reporter: panicked kids barricaded themselves into a room. fear written into their faces. in a life-or-death decision nyborg told the group of 35 teens he was with, swim. about 25 did. 10 didn't. when nyborg was 100 yards out, he looked back. >> i turned back and he pointed the rifle at the kids who were still at the shore, the kids that were too afraid to swim. and then he executed them. >> reporter: this picture may capture that very moment. breivik on shore murdering children, one appears to beg for mercy. ♪ >> reporter: the horrors of these attacks bringing norway together. for "good morning america," miguel marquez, abc news, oslo.
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meanwhile, the postal service is releasing a list of post offices it may close, about one in ten nationwide. more than 3,600 branch, also considering alternate sites inside town halls and community centers to save money. pro football teams are opening training facilities and will begin courting free agents now that a new deal has been ratified that gives owners a bigger share of revenues while boosting salaries for players. cameras rolling when this guy used a stun gun. despite being saparaed repeatedly she fought him off, pushed him out the door and managed to lock up before calling police. and that is a bit of uplift on a day we may need it. >> exactly. got him out the door and the door locked. >> she's okay.
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>> thanks, josh, so much. sam is on the road again. can't tell us where he is. it is a secret. >> super secret location. only because we're doing this most beautiful places that we'll do in august shooting some today. don't pay attention to what's around me. here's what we've got going, the three-month forecast is out. do we break the heat? according to the fat weather service, much above normal in the south and also in the east, now, it stays cool in the west so the same pattern goes through october. what we look like now. here's the current watches and warnings, seven states down from 26 states. look at the texas, lubbock, texas, little rock all pretty warm during the day.
7:17 am
>> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour.
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robin? >> okay, so it's dark so that might moon you're out toward the west. i know we're not supposed to give clues. all right. give me some clues. >> teases on twitter. >> okay, tweezes on twitter. new details on those tense moments when a grizzly bear attacked a group of teens hiking in alaska. one of the injured teenagers says it was the scariest moment of his life. and he thought he would not survive. he talked to abc's abbie boudreau and she joins us now live from anchorage with the latest. good morning, abbie. >> reporter: good morning. this 17-year-old has an incredible story of survival. he says the last thing he remembers is a giant grizzly bear chasing after him and tackling him and now he says he's just happy to be alive. >> oh. >> reporter: 17-year-old
7:19 am
gottsegen were on a hike with his friends in alaska's vast and rugged landscape. >> i heard it was a little bit more wild and intense so i jumped on an opportunity. >> reporter: spotting wildlife along the way like this black bear but their adventure was about to take a frightening turn. >> we hiked up four miles and we were hiking in a stream. the first thing my friend started screaming and yelling "bear." so we all turned around and ran. the most vivid, i remember running looking behind me and you're seeing this huge like snarling grizzly bear like five feet behind me. >> reporter: the bear attacked 4 of the 17 in the group including victor martin who says the grizzly was enormous. >> easy eight to nine feet by 800 pounds. >> reporter: he fought it off kicking with everything he had. >> right in the middle square right in the middle of the face. >> i had this big old chest
7:20 am
wound and was trying to hold my ribs because i could see blood coming out when i was breathing and i could hear it. they took one of the garbage bags and wrapped it around where my lung was to put plastic over it to create an airtight seal. >> reporter: what was going through your moment? >> i'm going to die. i'm going to college, i have a family, i have friends at home. >> reporter: after more than eight hours of waiting a rescue helicopter finally arrived. >> i think if it had been a little deeper in my brain or head or neck, i wouldn't have made it. i'm extremely lucky. i'm so lucky. >> the will to live. so blessed. >> thanks, abbie boudreau, for that. coming up, meet little lucy, the 6-year-old girl who escaped from a shark.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning on an improved day. heat is with us. but the humidity has dropped. mid-70s is where we start with sunshine. 60s in the north end changing in a hurry. and that's where the dew point is. basically around i-95 the beltway and lower eastern
7:27 am
shore. low to mid-70s on the dew point scale an improvement from yesterday. but a little sticky and we start to actually really notice that return toward the end of the week but a brief drop today less humid and still hot 91. evening band of clouds and a brief shower and dropping into 67 overnight and patchy fog and even more comfortable tomorrow. let's check on the traffic this morning with tonya. >> reporter: we have road closures and some delays in certain areas. we are doing better top side of the beltway than the west side. 695 at liberty road, on the northwest side, traffic is flowing freely andn both directions. no incidents in your way here. so that's good news. 50 eastbound at solomon's island road all morning we have had debris on the off-ramp to solomon's island road. that's causing delays in the area. also a road closure in dundalk north point road at rose betten road due to tractor trailer accident. here's the local news with charley. >> thanks. nfl player reps and league owners put an end to the
7:28 am
lockout. the clubs will start signing undrafted rookies and opening the facilities. ravens opens at 10 in the morning for players under contract. one of the biggest controversies is willis mcgi she, todd hame and kelly gregg and derrick mason will be released and not will be officially cut until thursday but they could stay on for a lower salary if possible. time to go back to new york for more "good morning america" and more weather and traffic as the updates continue. have a good day. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7.
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so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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tlfrjts she is. 6-year-old lucy. what a story she has, playing in a foot and a half of water in a north carolina beach, attack the by a shark. her mother watched the whole thing horrified but she's here this morning to talk to us all bit and will be here with her parents in just a morning. >> big news about a meal a lot of kids love. mcdonald's making that announcement just ahead. why it could make stopping at the golden arches a healthier move. >> it is a major change. >> we'll talk to the ceo coming up. back to lucy. she survived a shark attack while swimming at the beach. just 6 years old and she may be released from the hospital as soon as today. we hope that's the as
7:31 am
in a moment we will speak with little lucy. we love lucy and her parents craig and jordan but first here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: 6-year-old lucy mangum nearly lost her right leg after a five-foot shark attacked her in shallow water just 18 inches deep. it was 5:30 in the evening on ocracoke beach and floating on a boogie board when what they now believe was a tiger shark snuck up from behind them and sank its teeth into lucy's leg. her mother was screaming. she turned to her father and asked him if they could say a prayer. >> you don't know how many times you're out there and they are swimming around you and you have no idea. >> reporter: the pecks perts who took us out to sea say in the openings they move closer to the beaches searching for food. >> there's sharks everywhere.
7:32 am
lucy's doctor says she needs fiscal therapy for six to eight weeks but expect her to make a full recovery. steve osunsami, abc news. >> my goodness. joining us now are jordan and craig manage numbgnum and their lucy. hi, lucy. how are you? >> good morning. >> good morning. >> it is wonderful to have you all with us this morning. if you could tell me, jordan, there on that remote beach. you've been there for a couple of hours. just walk us through what happened. >> at that point i was standing in the water, probably about ten feet away from lucy and her little sister, they were right next to each other on their boogie boards and i was in the same depth of water as them. i heard her scream so i immediately turned towards her and at that point saw the shark right next to her.
7:33 am
so i immediately recognized the shark so i ran over to her and at this point not -- it hadn't really crossed my mind she had been bitten. i just wanted to get her and her sister out of the water. >> you called to your husband craig. you were out further. >> i was out a little bit further but pretty close still. >> what was going through your mind when you saw this happening. >> as i ran over and jordan had the wound covered pretty well we got her up on the beach and i had jordan move her hand and basically the entire lower leg from about the midcalf down just sort of like played itself open, laid open and i was able to see the extent of this wound and it was a pretty significant wound and i noticed there was an arterial bleed there. >> lucy, you are such a brave little girl. can you tell us what does it
7:34 am
feel like when this was happening? >> it felt like it -- like it bit my leg and it felt like it stayed there. >> but luckily it didn't and your mom and dad were right there. your mom and dad said when they got you out of the water you asked hem to say a prayer. what did you ask them to pray for? >> my leg to heal. >> ah. did you see the shark, lucy? >> i only saw its tail. >> you're a brave little girl and glad your mom and dad were right there. are you going to go back to the beach, you two. >> i think so. we love ocracoke and love the north carolina coast. as soon as lucy is ready to go, think we'll be right back there. >> do you think you were properly prepared or warned about sharks in the area. >> we were told not to be on the beach at 5:00, late in the
7:35 am
afternoon, 5:00, or 5:30. so i think we'll stay away -- stay out of the water during p suppertime. >> that's a good idea. we hear early in the morning and late in the evening when there's schools of fish, probably best to stay on the beach and not in the water. everything looks good. >> she's going to walk and function pretty well, dance and run and play like she should. >> but she looks so good right now too in that beautiful cast. lucy, bye-bye. have a good day. >> can you wave good-bye. >> bye. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you all. we're honored she let our producer josie be the first one to sign her cast. that's a big deal. time for the weather and sam who is joining us from a mystery location. part of our most beautiful place in america event. i know your big tease. >> good morning, robin. no, i mean i think you started it up because now twitter is
7:36 am
alive with all the guesses. let's look at the boards and show you what's going on. out of phoenix, sunday night into monday, some big, big powerful thunderstorms with a lot of vivid lightning. these are the monsoon storms. wow, that's one to two inches of rain came in those, as well. here's where they will light up during the day. more in the monsoon area and a little as those will concentrate right in the zone between the fronts there so right there from minneapolis all the way into rapid city is where we're likely to see them. >> and we are still live in our secret super locate. all that weather brought to you by post great grains.
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>> i love when you say super secret location. sam, we'll be checking back a little later. coming up, big news on fast food. mcdonald's menu makeover that affects how your kids order their next happy meal. a "gma" exclusive. approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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some big news for mcdonald's breaking on "gma," the world's biggest fast food chain is announcing a major change in the happy meals it markets to kids. for years critics charged mcdonald's encourages children to crave food that's too high in sodium and calories. well, the president of usa mcdonald's responded but first matt gutman on what will change with those meals. >> time for a happy meal at mcdonald's. >> reporter: for over years the happy meal changed how kids eat but what they want from their food. what's the most important part of the happy meal? >> the toy. >> reporter: which hasn't changed much. but now as kids rip into the box
7:42 am
with that sense of expectation, they'll find something different next to their toy. it's no longer a choice of fries and apples. now you get both and only about half as many fries. ♪ mcdonald's happy meal ♪ >> reporter: the limb red box has offered thousands of toys over the year but the ageless trio. >> hamburger, soft direct and fries. >> reporter: has stayed the same at a hefty 550 calories. the new one, 100 calories light sfler we look upon it not as bad as before. >> reporter: all of the meals have 20% fewer calories, 15% less sodium and 20% less saturated fat. not that it's healthy says miami nutritionist rachel richardson. >> 89 grams of sugar. that's a happy meal. >> yeah. >> reporter: including the bun and the soda and fries.
7:43 am
>> an apple makes a difference. a big difference would be actually replacing a whole bag of french fries for an apple. >> reporter: not as long as kids mind. >> joining us with more the president of mcdonald's usa jan field. thank you so much for joining us. i see the new happy meal there right now but as you know, the criticism of these meals has been building for years. why did you decide to act now? >> well, now is a great time for us to be able to do something like this. we're excited about it and we think that both parents and children are going to absolutely love the changes that we're making. >> well, as you know, there are a lot of outside groups think there's lots of room for improvement. yale analyzed all possible meal combinations and not met nutrition standards for kids
7:44 am
under 12 and seed yum was high and highest calorie count was up to 700 calories. are you confident these new meals will meet a healthy standard? >> i am confident about the changes that we're making on our meal, 25% reduction in calories and offering fruit to every child that comes in and buys a happy meal so it's an automatic. half of the size of the fry, a child size portion. we know portion nice and also recognize the importance of fruit in a child's menu. >> will you be offering the choice of if they just want the fruit, that's okay? >> if parents just want the food, we'll do whatever a customer wants at mcdonald's. >> as you know, some critics say you have to go a whole lot further and stop marketing to kids in any way. many cities are saying that these promotions that give away toys should just be banned.
7:45 am
what's your response? >> in mcdonald's, first of all, 100% of our national advertising to children will include a nutrition announcement with it so what we're trying to do something is make children aware of the nutritional importance of their diet. in addition, we only advertise the healthy items in the menu, in the happy meal, so we have's been doing that for a number of years and worked with the council of better business bureau on the food pledge and we're, again, confident about this being a great message for children. >> why not just stop with the toys? >> well, the toys are an important part of the experience, come on. kids get to have fun, you know. you were a kid once, weren't you? >> i was and i have to say even as i'm saying the question i hear my kids yelling at me. i'm not sure. i'm not sure i'm going to get away with it but thank you so much for coming in and sharing
7:46 am
this information this morning and people can get a whole lot more on our website at www. coming up, lara's candid conversation with kris jenner, the woman behind the jenner empire. 125 years ago... ] we invented the automobile. ♪ and 80,000 patents later, we're still reinventing it. ♪ it's no coincidence that the oldest car company has the youngest and freshest line in the luxury class. mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the e-class. ♪ [ gertrude ] you do look good. [ maude ] well...if you insist. [ norma ] how can i say "no" to you? [ betsy ] you know my weakness. [ gertrude ] real good. [ norma ] you're so sweet. [ maude ] you're so salty. [ betsy ] irresistible. [ female announcer ] giving in to snacks? there's a better way to satisfy your cravings,
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well, fast food is not that, we talked about the healthying up of the happy meal.s not that, if you're looking for hot dogs and want just not any old hot dog, take a look at what you can get here. >> wow. >> how much would you pay for a hot dog that was a half pound all beer sausage rolled in truffle oil coated with a dusting of porcini mushrooms. >> how much, how much? >> caviar and creme freche. $70. mcmullen dog. if you want to pay $80 for a hot
7:51 am
dog, you got to order it 24 hours in advance. >> do you get that t-shsht. >> i guess they'll throw something in. >> that's a waste of a good hot dog. >> 80 bucks. that's not what i'm worried about. >> a grilled dodger dog for a couple of bucks. truffle oil extra. can i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chcholate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly, with no teaser rates
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. we are checking out the future radar. because the skies cleared out. you may notice the drop in the humidity today. the final push of the frontal boundary comes through this evening there may be late day clouds and a brief shower dropping out of pennsylvania behind that we drop the humidity overnight. and although there could be patchy fog, a lot of temperatures do slip into the 60s a good look day tomorrow but the heat returns although staying dry most of thursday. today 91 hot and above normal but less humid so it will be more tolerable and we will slip into the 60s overnight.
7:57 am
tomorrow 89 the only day in the outlook out of the 90s because we are back at 95 on thursday. 98 on friday. and comes with more of the sticky humidity and lay day storms and showers over the weekend on the humid sigh with highs in the low to mid-90s and overnight lows in the 70s. let's see what's happening on the roadways with tonya. >> reporter: we are doing better top side than on the west side of the beltway. no problems making your way from parkville to towson. looking at 695 at liberty road, on the northwest side, no problems to report here. traffic is moving well in both directions that's the outer loop on the left of the screen. and the inner loop on the right. now looking at 50, at i-97 clays that is east -- delays eastbound to the rift screen up ahead 50 eastbound at solomon island road we have debris to the right side of the road that's actually on the ramp to solomon island road and that's what's causing the slowdown. it's been this way for much of
7:58 am
the day. it's moving and that's good news. elsewhere we have congestion 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. now back to new york for "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] great audience again celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and for playing a special song for them. it's called "jam." turn it up performed by kim kardashian. you heard me. another venture for one of the best-known members of the kardashian family and lara spoke to the woman behind the empire of shows, clothing and all of it. >> she's really a business genius and does get very complicated when you're the mom heading up a multimillion dollar
8:01 am
family enterprise or empire now. coming up, my candid conversation with kris jenner about working for her daughters. it gets tricky. >> both. both in charge but gets paid by the daughter. >> she does. she's -- she said it's such a tricky thing being the mom, having to take a check but she's doing a good job. they're everywhere. >> looking forward to that. also, a look at teeth whitening. kind of an occupational hazard. a lot of people are going for it but it can be more dangerous than you might think. you have to be careful. we'll look at what's safe and what you need to watch out for. >> confession time. do you bleach? >> absolutely. >> i've done it a couple of times. overnight with -- >> wow. >> we have to. >> you've never done it. do the bleach. i chew the -- >> your teeth are so white. >> they're mine, okay.
8:02 am
and god gave them to me. interesting. juju will get into that. >> look at josh. >> i was going to do the news. >> full confession. >> occupational hazard. way to get it done there. we begin with only one week and counting now until a possible federal default, democrats and republicans appear to be no closer to any deal to raise the debt limit. president obama blaming house republicans last night calling for a compromise that increases the debt ceiling through next year's election. but a plan backed by house speaker john boehner only raises it until next spring. and with concern growing that the debt crisis could triple our economy, there is new evidence how crippled it is. new figures show the wealth gap between whites and minorities has expanded to its widest point in a quarter century. the median wealth of white house holds tops $113,000, about 18
8:03 am
times higher than hispanic households and nearly 20 times higher than black households. the new abc news poll finds americans are increasingly pessimistic about the future. 68% who suffered a layoff in their household say jobs remain very hard to find in their area. the lawyer for the man who confessed to friday's bombing and shooting rampage in norway says his client appears to be insane. anders breivik claims he's part of an anti-muslim group with several other cells operating overseas. at least 76 people killed in friday's attacks. police say he was put on a watch list after he bought chemicals in poland but they say no further action was taken because he only bought about $20 worth and did nothihi else suspicious. amanda knox appears to be one step closer now that a series of mistakes have come to light and elizabeth vargas joins us from perugia, italy. good morning, elizabeth.
8:04 am
>> reporter: good morning, josh. it was a huge day for amanda knox and her supporters as the independent experts ruled in her favor on nearly every count and criticized harshly the prosecution's forensics case. for many it's a question no longer of if but when she will be released from prison. collecting dna evidence is a painstaking process. there are international standards for how precise and careful experts have to be but in dramatic testimony two independent experts showed the dna collection in the knox case was sloppy. for example, the department of justice says technicians should use tweezers to pick up and bag evidence. but as one expert pointed out, the police in this case were passing evidence back and forth with their hands and then replacing it on the floor to photograph. interpol guidelines say gloves should be cleaned when handling evidence. in court these gloves are clearly dirty. as prosecutors shouted in
8:05 am
protest and then fumed in silence, the experts concluded that in their opinion, the dna on the knife, the alleged murder weapon, and the bra clasp found at the scene should never have been introduced. amanda's mother cried for the first time with hope. happy crying. >> happy crying, yeah. you know, seeing amanda, seeing all of us get emotional and to be able to hug her and just tell her, do you see the light now? >> reporter: amanda herself remains cautious according to her mother. she is noticeably thin and pale. >> not that she doesn't want to eat but the stress is causing her to have an upset stomach. >> reporter: as her lawyers fight to overturn the murder verdict her best friend says what sustains her are her books and daily memories of home. >> one of the most difficult things about it is the waiting. the constant, constant, constant waiting. >> reporter: amanda's mother visited her in prison this morning.
8:06 am
she said for the first time in a long time amanda is talking about what she wants to do when she gets out, go home and see her sisters. the hearing on the dna evidence, josh, will continue this saturday here in perugia. >> abc's elizabeth vargas in italy, thank you for that. troubled singer amy winehouse is being laid to rest today at a private funeral for close friends and family. still no official cause of death that's been announced but an autopsy was inconclusive. she did have a history of drug and alcohol abuse. now diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, josh, good morning to you and everyone at "good morning america." a health alert on "world news" for women at a high risk of a common, treatable disease if caught early. some doctors aren't giving the tools needed to fight it. that's cominin up tonight on "world news." >> that is a look at the news. george and robin, seven past the hour. >> are you ready? >> i am. >> are you ready? the sounds of the pop news heat
8:07 am
index and our girl lara. >> what about me? i'm ready. all right. let's get to it. temperatures dropping, pop news heat index very hot today. we begin with michael jackson. could be a thriller for his fans. the jacksons planning a tribute concert to honor the late pop star. october 8th show scheduled for wales and uk already possibly hitting a sour note. the brothers jermaine and randy wanting to delay it until after the trial of dr. conrad murray is complete saying justice would be the best tribute. also in our pop news heat index, domino's pizza hoping to win bachus mers using a strategy that some say is sort of insane asking consumers to send honest opinions of the brand to an electronic ticker in times square that they'll run realtime good, bad or wait for it, cheesy, yes. they might get a pie in the face but apparently the strategy is
8:08 am
working. domino's ran a similar commercial campaign this past winter and sales increased by double digits. they want total transparency and they will get it from new yorkers. and right here inspirational story of the 33 chilean miners trapped underground for more than two months is coming to the big screen. we know how the story ends, had us all cheering last year but they say there's much more they have not shared. their agent, yes, their hollywood agent has sold their story to oscar nominated producer mike medivoy so look for that in a theater near you. finally we want to congratulate justin howard on his win at the u.s. air guitar championship in chicago. the make believe musician topped 22 other rockers. nordic thunder is going to represent the u.s. at the air guitar world championships. i did not know they had one.
8:09 am
no word whether he will use his signature look. that, everybody, is your pop news heat index. >> his go-to move is his knee slide when he's bringing it on home. >> here is what it is. pain is temporarily. air guitar is forever. >> rock on. rock on. >> here's the problem. i thought i was nordic thunder. >> well, we'll get that t-shirt to you right away, lara. out to sam in his super secret location this morning. >> sorry, i just got to dry the tear after air by stars forever. one or two things we want to talk about. by the way, live shot of d.c. we'll show you that the sizzle has fizzled there for awhile, but it's on its way back. our three-day plan for the heat. get ready for the mid-atlantic and into the northeast, as well. get back into the hot
8:10 am
temperatures. we're going back thursday at 97 degrees. we think d.c. will get to 100 degrees by the time we get into friday looking a little past that. new york city is getting back to 93 by the time we get to thursday, as well. cooler on the west coast. this trend as we showed you in the three-month outlook is going to stay cooler than normal temperatures on the entire northwest coast and i take that from san francisco all the way up is how it appears. in the area in red is where the hot thunderstorms will be popping today and that's the
8:11 am
>> and we will be shooting around the area today in our secret location for the series that airs in august, lahr remarks the beautiful places. i know you're doing one too. >> i am, indeed. here's what else we have coming up. my interview with kris jenner, the mom, the brain behind the kardashian phenomenon. what she says is the toughest part of the family biz. what happens when you go too far to have a bright smile? you risk losing your teeth. and the damage can be permanent. now, have you ever gone to a discount store to save money only to spend more than you wanted to? yes. those stores actually have some sneaky seeks to get you buy and we'll tell them coming up on "gma." [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. the kardashians are a reality royal and owe much of their fame to mom and manager or as she calls herself momager. but that can complicate the family dynamic especially when your family becomes a business empire. >> we're not actors or singers. we don't have musical talent. i can't dance to save my life. some will say you're famous for being famous and i'll say, no, we're not. we're famous because we have four televisions. >> it was those four that kris jenner used as a platform to brand, complete and commodotize, kim, khloe, kourtney and kylie and rob. the kardashian brand identifiable everywhere. the reality show theme song on
8:17 am
the family's doorbell. ♪ >> just in case you forgot the tune. >> reporter: she is the epitome of a hollywood momager turning her broad into tv stars and now into advertising gold. >> i want to be like the perfect mom at home baking cookies while at the same exact time being in my office -- >> closing 20 deals. >> exactly. that's a problem for me because i'm so torn. >> would you say you're a great mom? >> yeah, i do. i think i'm a really good mom. i make a really good chocolate chip cookie. >> reporter: but it's more deal making than cookie baking. >> make sure we are covered on all trademark applications including kendall and kylie. >> reporter: here decked in the best of kardashian swag. >> so, khloe, i have to make a counteroffer today. >> reporter: on the phone is khloe kardashian both daughter and client. >> okay, i don't think there is any nudity involved in this
8:18 am
particular setup. >> okay. i need to look at the story board. >> reporter: every deal jenner closes means money in her pocket, as well. is it weird getting a check from your kid, taking money. >> you know, i work so hard that that's a great question. you know, i really haven't thought about it like that but we work on things all together. we work so hard and i do. i put in my 18-hour days every single day whether we're filming or not. >> reporter: these girls mean what they say and they can be tough on mom. >> i'm their mother, okay. >> okay. >> you started this so until you give up your 20% and give courteney and i 10, [ bleep ] off. >> reporter: managing them can sometimes appear to be almost impossible. >> i just finished closing a perfume deal for kim. >> reporter: especially when a deal comes through for one but not the other. >> you get kim her own deal first then it's the three of us. >> reporter: fighting words from khloe an at her momager.
8:19 am
>> i will sue the bleep out of you. >> are you insane? >> no, i will shoe. >> reporter: and. >> they were a bit mortified. >> reporter: i'm sure the girls were jealous. >> i would think probably more annoyed with mom -- it wasn't a jealousy towards kim. it was like, mom, let's step it up. why didn't you get three deals. >> reporter: when you have three clients who happen to be your daughters you all will be vying for the same type of jobs. >> it's all about my intuition and knowing instinctively it's the time for kim to have a fragrance. you have to have tough skin. i can't get my feelings hurt because khloe is upset something didn't go her way professionally. >> reporter: taking a ride in your new drive? >> this is a treat for me too. >> reporter: dash is the clothing chain her oldest girls
8:20 am
own. with the white bentley that reads laker mama. with son-in-law lamar odom it's not a surprise we can't go far without the paparazzi. can you go out in public without getting mobbed. >> the annoying part is there's constantly photographers. >> reporter: that's got to be hard for the kid, the young ones. >> kendall and kylie went to watch the fireworks on the fourth of july and i wrote to kylie and i said, hey, kylie, are you having fun. mommy is on her way and she wrote back, no, i'm crying. there's paparazzi everywhere. i just wanted to be a kid today and that broke my heart. that's the tricky part. >> reporter: for you, i would imagine. >> it is very, very tricky and it is a choice that i made. >> reporter: it's a choice the jenners had to live with. the paparazzi are now after her too. >> these are my friends. they're called the paparazzi.
8:21 am
>> reporter: because every photo and every snippet of them are big business to these guys. >> kris knows how to work it. she even considered reclaiming the famous kardashian last name. she said it was strictly business as always. much to the concern of her children and her husband bruce jenner she ended up keeping jenner, but, you know -- anything that will enhance the business opportunity. >> she's fierce. >> she is and they just closed a major deal with sears. stay tuned for that. it is a kardashian world. >> also stay tuned for special edition of "nightline" tomorrow night prime time for "nightline." i love the sitele. >> "mommywood." >> looking forward to that. thanks, lara. hey, robin. >> you two, desperate to get your pearly whites extra white? you're notalone. the american academy of cosmetic dentistry says that's the most requested dental service but some folks get a little carried
8:22 am
away when it comes to bleaching their teeth and abc's juju chang, come on, give us a smile is here with morere >> yours are all natural but some people turn to artificial means. think of it like dental dysmorphia. no matter how perfect or pearly white people become obsessed with it and overdo it and sometimes they do it secretly to the extent of doing painful damage to their teeth. ♪ >> reporter: they line the shelves of drugstore, dozens of teeth whitening products from strips to gel trays to mouthwash promising peroxide perfection. >> it's professional level whitening. results in three days. >> reporter: the teeth whitening industry is booming to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. there's even a youtube community who share their seeks to achieving pearly whites. >> dip it in the hot water till it gets soft, put it on your teeth, suck in, keep pressing and until it gets hard. and you have custom pair of
8:23 am
whitening trays like $2. >> i use baking soda and peroxide for whitening. >> that's one. step two, step three, step four. >> get this beautiful white smile. i saw results in seriously two, two or three days. >> reporter: with images of dazzling teeth and popular culture becoming the norm and not the exception many are taking whitening their teeth to new extremes. there is a dark side to the questioning for a sparkling smile. those secretly obsessed with bleaching. they're called bleacharexics. natalie became consumed with creating the perfect smile. >> as soon as i could get my hands on whatever products in any drugstore or department store thing i would just grab it and try the tray, the strip, the mouthwash a lot. tried a lot of mouthwash. >> reporter: when you were younger did you hide your smile?
8:24 am
>> i never fully smiled. half smiling or not even smiling at all. i'd go up close to the mirror and try to find every little like thing wrong with any tooth and then i'd be like, wow, this isn't white. this doesn't look good. >> reporter: her obsession began in high school. she abused whitening products using them daily. professionals say this obsessive whitening can cause lasting damage. >> i could spot a bleachorexic. they're not happy with their smile. they will also, you know, come in and say i want my teeth whiter. >> reporter: bleachorexics are fooled into thinking over-the-counter whiteners can't hurt them but misuse can damage the enamel. describe the pain. describe the negative symptoms of overdoing it with bleach? >> bleeding gums. a lot of sensitivity in your teeth. and also the discoloration of your enamel which is almost like see-through or a blue-white
8:25 am
color. >> reporter: they become so thin and all would need to be capped or replaced which is costly and painful. >> it's like a bunch of needli g needlings poking at you. how much i was doing it, it did not turn out good. >> reporter: dr. glassman warned natalie she needed to stop. >> i would take many motor trin. i was trying to take it while i was whitening. i'll take two with that and that's not normal. >> reporter: you were bleaching and popping pills at the same time? yes. >> reporter: she had to have in-office treatment and has stopped using over the counter products altogether. now, in order to save face, the american academy of cosmetic dentists say consult a dentist first and wait six months before whitening and buy brand names when you can. you know that whitening products aren't regulated by the fda. >> ah. >> finally, if you see
8:26 am
discoloration or spots or experience pain, just stop. usually the negative side effects can be reversed within weeks or months. >> so very important, though, what you're using here. you have some examples right here. >> there's all kinds. gels, trays, toothpaste, mouthwash. this is a 3-d crest whitestrip. they run 40 bucks and wear them 30 minutes a day for 14 days and will whiten three shades whiter which is the same as the professional process and listerine makes dissolving strips about $15. less brightening but easier on your wallet. for the low-budget people. >> i do. i have been chewing this gum for awhile. my diane tis recommended this the last time. >> $1.50 but have to chew five packs a week. >> i don't know about that. juju, always good to have you here. >> we have bargains that we'll break down going high tech. think of the big discounts.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar a forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning on an improveddaych the humidity dropped but heat is with us. mid-70s is where we start with sunshine. 60s on the north end and the dew point is basically around i- 95 the beltway and lower eastern shore. low to mid-70s on the dew point scale. that's an improvement from yesterday but tail little bit stickyp we start to actually really notice that return towards the end of the week but a brief drop today less humid and still hot and 9 #. -- 91a brief shower and 67 overnight. and patchy fog and more comfortable tomorrow. let's check on the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: we have road closures and delays in certain areas. we are doing a little better top side of the beltway than
8:28 am
the west side. let's look at 695 at liberty road. on the northwest side traffic is flowing freely andn both directions many no incidents in your way here. so that's good news. 50 eastbound at solomon's island road all morning we have had debris on the off-ramp to solomon's island road. that's causing delays in the area. also a road closure in dundalk north point road at rose benton due to a trackor trailer accident -- tractor trailer accident. nfl player reps and league owners put an ento the lockout. club will sign undrafted rookies and opening the facility. ravens facility opened today at 10 for players under contract and one of the biggest controversies is runningback lewis -- willis mcga she and todd heap and others will be released. they could stay on for lower salary if possible. time to more "good morning america" and more weather and
8:29 am
traffic as updates continue. have a great day. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want.
8:30 am
which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. [ [ eers and applause ] > welcome back. >> on the edge of glory. that's all i can hear. the theme song from the u.s. women's soccer team. and you had a chance, mr. elliott, to spend time with the david beckham. >> that is true. yes. >> how does he get this assignment? >> that went well. penalty kick, part of the challenge, guinness world records were set. yeah, that was a good one. everything else, maybe not so much. i'd like to say that i did us
8:31 am
proud, guys and don't want to lie on national television. >> i love your blue shoes. >> the shoes were great. everything else, maybe not so much. >> looking the part is half the battle. also, this half hour, how come you buy more than you expect every time you go to a discount store. becky worley willnlock the secrets in those high-tech glasses. we'll get to that. move over, pineapples. blueberries, blackberries, berries of all kind. there she is. she'll show us how it is done. i cannot wait. >> our crew gets nasty when they see the table. we'll really eat well. that's coming up. you were just talking about becky worley, george. we're always looking for a bargain and those big bargain stores sometimes can be overwhelming, so becky to the rescue.
8:32 am
a little high-tech goggles. what is that all about? you'll see. >> you're shopping and look at your list and try to stick to it. but retailers, especially discount retailers, are tempting you with a treasure hunt of impulse buys. >> i just need the wlendzer. >> reporter: to demonstrate we're using the new eye-tracking glasses from tobe. >> yes, indeed, exactly. you're all set. >> reporter: it shows where your eyes are drawn while you're shopping. at this costco, carol came for fruit, vegetables, candy and paper products but look how she's distracted from the items on her list. >> paper. two-ply. very easy to get distracted in costco and just start filling up the cart. i may grab that. these grilling bla ining planks for grilling fish.
8:33 am
that's not too bad. the dogs will get a treat. >> reporter: the seek, they rotate in impulse purchases, sometimes luxury items so you'll keep coming back to find out what's new like nobody comes to costco to buy a piano but such a deal. costco revenue is up 10% from last year. based largely on growth in discretionary purchases like jewelry and home and garden. burberry sunglasses at costco? other discounters like t.j. maxx and dollar stores are reporting similar revenue gains as is the shoe chain dsw. i found what i came for, black flats but it can't hurt to look around. but i found designer strappy sandals and had to have them. i can't help myself and they're $30 off. then there's the chain called ross. don't even get me started on this store. rotating in random inventory turns shop nothing a treasure
8:34 am
hunt. $120 off retail? i could at least try it on. we get a hit in the pleasure centers of our brain when we score a deal on something unexpected. and retailers are getting an extra boost for shoppers who tweet their finds. search twitter for the hash tag maxfinds and see up-to-the-minute deals from shoppers in the stores. often with accompanying pictures. it creates suspense and encourage repeat visits but they can also up your spending considerably like our shopper carol. the items on her list added up to over $128, and her impulse buys, they were $214, almost twice what she planned to spend. >> i'll be honest. i often do a lot more damage when i come to costco. i don't shop here very often because when i do i end up buying a lot of things i don't need. >> reporter: while budget stores do offer great prices on the basics, beware of those impulse
8:35 am
buys that feel so good but ultimately blow the budget. becky worley, abc news, san francisco. see, becky is always looking out for you and helping you save a dime or two. the weather coming up, national weather forecast you see. in los angeles, sunny, heavy rain over the western part of the country. then down in louisiana, a little hazy, got some thunderstorms as you expect down in florida. i am no sam champion but that's your national weather. >> and as sam would say this weather was brought to you by united health care. was it really? all right. we got sam. he'll be back at some point. coming up next, "bend it
8:36 am
like beckham." was josh able to do it with the david beckham? [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher,
8:37 am
setting that goal to become a principal. but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school? university of phoenix made it doable. a lot of my instructors were principals in my district. i wouldn't be where i am without that degree. my name is dr. carrie buck. i helped turn an at-risk school into an award winning school, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
8:38 am
oh, the big stars here on
8:39 am
"gma" and we know that you have game. but can you score a goal? that is the big question. i know you found out yesterday. josh got to spend time with the one and only david beckham. before you get jealous it was for a good reason. >> mls penalty kick challenge benefiting the children's cancer fund all part of a world record effort, something that i tried not to besmirch and i was that close. ♪ >> reporter: soccer stars going for gold. this time in the heart of new york city and under a rainy sky. players young and old lined up to break a guinness world record for the most consecutive penalty kicks taken and with the guinness official there keeping actual count yours truly was trying to strike at least 526 pks behind the line.
8:40 am
they had to be taken consecutively. no more than 30 seconds between attempts and for the final rule, sing it, eminem. ♪ you only get one shot do not blow this opportunity once in a lifetime ♪ >> reporter: that's right. each person gets one chance at one kick, make it, miss it, history or infamy. in a word, pressure. who better than to offer tips, someone like david beckham. me and becks talking shop. give me some pointers so i don't embarrass myself. the key things to taking a penalty kick are -- >> score. no, the goal kick is in the middle so one of the corners is the best way, and maybe up high. >> reporter: go high. you really go high. i don't want to go low and -- >> you can go low but more chances of getting it, so top corner. i went low and hard. >> reporter: all right, so i guess here goes nothing. >> you'll be good.
8:41 am
>> reporter: so i'm up next, focused visualizing success, finding my emotionxclusive int run. not so close. that's okay. even if you don't make it, the kick still counts. so worried about 120 and counting after my stellar performance. i have to shake it off quick because i am looking for redemption, i am going to play goalie. is it true, i've heard it said, that a well-struck pk is impossible. essentially if you do your job right here it's impossible? >> not impossible because i've hit pks before and hit them really well and the goalkeeper got them. >> reporter: you're telling me i've got a chance. i don't know how this protects anything else but i'm going to give it my best. and we're off and, hey, it's not so hard. but just when i was starting to feel good about myself, all right, so i'm no ali krieger
8:42 am
whose penalty strike gave them a win over brazil in the recent world cup but i could be like hope, hope solo, the wonderous u.s. women's goalie. >> what, what? >> water polo. what do you want? it was sad. >> so, lara, they say in baseball a catcher's gear are the tools of ignorance. as i found out yesterday, these mighty soccer equivalents. >> did you play as a kid. >> i did and i played a little goalie actually, as well. i think i might have been a little rusty. see, to explain the pk just so you know there was a camera in the upper corner. you can almost see it there and admittedly i was aiming for it as becks told me, let everything get out of your head. don't overthink this, and as you
8:43 am
know and maybe america is learning, asking me not to overthink something is -- >> certainly going to guarantee that we overthink. all right. well, everybody, you can see becks and the rest of his all-star teammates take on their old team, manchester united. that is worthy of a -- sitting in a bar somewhere, enjoyable moment happening on espn2 tomorrow, 8:30 eastern and nice job. >> thank you. from women everywhere we want to say, no, thank you. you got beckham on. coming up next, we are a food neneork star making pizza in an interesting way. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
8:44 am
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8:46 am
okay, so josh worked up an appetite from that soccer. we'll help him and give you an terrific summer dish ideas. executive chef at the supper club in new york. we've got great dishes here today and some great utensils, as well. i love this. >> i love when people do that. will you crush that a little bit? >> i'm opening it up. >> let me go to that. >> oh, my god. you have some real muscle there. i like it. >> but it didn't work. let me try it again. >> one more time. >> can you feel that pressing? >> what's the idea? >> mixing all the spices together and breaking them up. when you eat it you get all the
8:47 am
pieces in your teeth and all through the meat to give it that extra dining pleasure. so -- >> we're using it for the steak. >> we have brown sugar. coriander, black pepper, a little salt, all in equal parts and mix that together and you literally rub it on the meat, right? and you can let this sit. you can do it hours in advance or days. >> so no oil, sort of a dry rub. >> no oil or anything else. what happens is, you put it on here. when you want to cook it, you literally -- that's when you brush it with a little bit of the oil. and this is skirt steak, such a great -- >> so much flavor. >> cheap steak. not expensive. >> how do you get it tender? >> one of the ways is put this rub on it and let it sit on it and pop it on the grill. another way is if you wanan to marinate it and put things like vinegar and other stuff to tenderize it and then something in the slicing really helps you out. we'll see that as we go along. we have some pickled onions,
8:48 am
putting together a little burrito. pickled onion, summer tomatoes with cilantro. give it a stir. i can see you're eyeing this. stir this. a little bit of lemon and a little salt and a little bit of olive oil. >> a nice salad there. >> and then once the skirt steak is cooked. >> it cooks pretty fast, right? >> it does. >> look at this. i love it. you can give it a little turn to little mark from the >> okay. >> beautiful. you've done this before. >> i've done this before. >> right. and then you can either have this tortilla charred or if you like it -- this was lightly warmed and if you're doing it for your guests in front of them i suggest the softer ones. yeah, right, a burrito bar so u just let them -- s so you have these picklkl onions, little
8:49 am
sweet onion, tomatoes with cilantro and i took a steak. one of the other things you can do to tenderize it, our instinct cut this way which is with the grain of the meat. but you can also cut again against it and that actually adds the tenderizer. plus a lot of love, george really helps. >> my god, i have a nibbler pop up out of nowhere. >> delicious. there's a little heat to it. >> it's actually pepper you're tasting, red pepper, white pepper and a little bit of brown sugar and cilantro. and sharp cheddar. will you spoon some tomatoes on there? i have a consummate chef. trying to put him to work. oh, my god, we're already chowing down. the onions, when you pickle them in the vinegar, they soften. i kind of made them that way. oh, like an hour or two. >> oh, yes. >> then you just kind of like wrap it like a christmas
8:50 am
present. fold it under. tuck your sheet under your bed. >> i get up at 3:00 in the morning. i'm not thinking about it at 3:00 in the morning. >> you roll it up like that. there you have your burrito. and then here we have one that we popped -- if you would pop that back on the grill and check our steak. the steak looks gorgeous. wow. now it's getting the nice char on it from the grill. >> that is nice. >> kind of remind me of -- >> really yummy. >> look at this. oh, my god. i can go home now. my work is done. >> i can't wait to eat some of this. tell us about the desert. >> we've all been talking about it. >> blackberries -- >> i like the idea of making pizza into desert. excuse to eat more carbs in the summer. a basic dough. blackberries cooked in red wine. yes. cooked in a little bit of wine with homemade ricotta and, come on, a little lemonade.
8:51 am
you can add a little vodka to get the party started. >> i love this. you just -- you can make it yourself with buttermilk cream and milk or run it on with a little lemon zest and sugar. >> good. >> taste that. >> by the way -- >> delicious. >> we weren't supposed to discuss how it tasted but the plates speak for themselves. >> recipes on our website, >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
8:52 am
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8:54 am
our compliments once again to the chef. wonderful. we enjoyed it. everything like that. when you work with people, you know that couple that they're just so adorable. well, we have that and we have wonderful members, news to tell you about. our "gma" producer, brandon and rita. if you're a guest here, she's
8:55 am
always the first one to greet you. come on, guys. >> they are so cute and they've been going out for three years and, brandon, what did you do recently. what did you ask? >> i asked her to marry me. >> and what did you say, rita? >> i said yes. >> oh, my god. >> in central park. >> yes, right in the park. >> we had a photographer took some great shots. >> hiding. >> hiding in the trees. >> boishgs you're a real producer. >> and you didn't shoot any video for it? >> no video. >> brandon, that's an amazing smile every morning for every guest that comes in here. how did she top that? >> she was so -- she was crying. >> we always give it away. it's something we do and they get a sense. did you have a sense. did you give it away. >> i knew in my heart it was our
8:56 am
anniversary. we met on "gma," so i mean so that three years. >> did you ever keep a secret from all of us? >> that we were together? for just a little while. not much. just for the very first week or so. everyone finds out here so quickly. >> they looked at each all the time. congratulations. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning.
8:57 am
we are check out the future radar here. because the skies cleared out and you may notice the drop in the humidity today. the final push of this frontal boundary comes through this evening and there may be late day clouds and a brief shower dropping out of pennsylvania. behind that we drop the humidity overnight and there could be patchy fog, a lot of the temperatures do slip into the 60s and a good look day tomorrow but the heat returns although staying dry most of thursday. today 91. hot and above normal but less humid so it will be more tolerable and we will slip into the 60s overnight. tomorrow 89 and the only day in our outlook out of the 90s. we are back at 95 on thursday. 98 on friday. comes with more of that sticky humidity and late day storms and mainly afternoon showers over the weekend remaining on humid side with highs in the low to mid-90s and overnight lows in the 70s. let's see what's happening on the roads with tonya. >> reporter: doing better top side of the beltway than doing on the west side of the beltway. no problems making your way
8:58 am
from parkville to towson. looking at 695 at liberty road, on northwest side, no problems to report here. traffic is moving well in both directions. that's the outer loop on the left and inner loop on the right. now taking a look at 50, at i- 97 we have delays here that is eastbound to the right of the screen because up ahead, 50 eastbound at solomon island road we have debris to the right side of the road that's actually on the ramp to solomon island road and that's what's causing the slowdown. it's been this way for much of the day. it's moving though so that's good news. elsewhere we have congestion. 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. now back to new york for "good morning america.
8:59 am
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